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T Code – Computerised Code for Handling and Analysis of T Book Data

Project Manager, NPSAG: Ingemar Ingemarson
Project Manager, External: Ola Bäckström
Start Year: 2004
Finish Year: 2005
The project aimed at developing a computer based tool for handling of analysis of T Book data, i.e. of component data that is handled by the TUD Office. The tool should function as a data source for direct import to Riskspectrum (PSAP, FMEA etc.) and enable documentation of failure data analyses as a part of the PSA. The tool should be able to sort and make calculations of component failure data directly from the database with reported failure events. This would give a larger flexibility in the handling of the analysis of failure data and in the setting of data i a PSA, partly through enabling of choice of calculation models for the calculation of component failure data. There should be a possibility to correct errors found in the T Book. An important goal ith the project was to ensure the survival of T-Code and BayTrend (algorithms by Kurt Pörn) as Kurt Pörn was to reduce his work within this area.

Project Reports

   Original report - Angående feldata med T-Code implementerat »
   Author: Ola Bäckström

   11-003-01 NPSAG Report - Angående feldata med T-Code implementerat »
   Author: Ola Bäckström

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