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SARNET - Severe Accident Research Network

Project Manager, NPSAG: Gφran Hultqvist
Project Manager, External: Leif Spanier
Start Year: 2004
SARNET is a large EU financed project on sever accidents with separate sub-projects regarding PSA level 2, which includes a benchmarking on how PSA level 2 is performed in different countries.

In spite of the accomplishments reached, a limited number of specific issues remain where research activities are still necessary in order to reduce further uncertainties that are considered of importance and to consolidate severe accident management plans: core quenching, iodine chemistry, ex-vessel melt coolability, timing of base-mat failure are examples of remaining issues underlined by the Phenomena Identification and Ranking Table (PIRT) action conducted within the EUROSAFE thematic network of the 5th Framework Programme. About 50 European R&D organizations, including technical supports of safety authorities, industry, utilities and universities, have decided to join their efforts in SARNET in a durable way to resolve outstanding severe accident safety issues for enhancing the safety of existing and future NPPs.

For more information, see the SARNET webpage.

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