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Information about Activities in BWR Nordic Owner's Group (NOG)

Project Manager, NPSAG: Lasse Tunturivuori
Start Year: 2004

NOG (Nordic Owner’s Group, a co-operation between Nordic BWR owners) conducts projects within a number of areas, of which several are of interest to NPSAG.

Examples of past NOG projects of interest to NPSAG:

  • Plant impact from loss of room heating during wintertime
  • Plant impact from external events. The approach is based on grouping all possible external events into groups with a similar plant impact, and to select the event with the strongest impact as the event envelope for the group. Based on the event envelopes defined, the maximum challenge is described on the various plant interfaces with the outside environment, i.e., structural impact (fast or slow), impact via outside air, impact via electrical environment, and impact via ultimate heat sink (sea water).
  • Another example of an NOG activity, was a common seminar for plant management presenting risk informed approaches in design, operation and maintenance of nuclear power plants. Recent applications were presented as well as status and on-going activities in Finland, Sweden and the USA. A number of recommendations were given in order to define common goals for the use of risk informed methods.


Projects:  Information about Activities in BWR Nordic Owner's Group (NOG)

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