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Incorporation of Organisational Factors in PSA

Project Manager, NPSAG: Johanna Oxstrand
Project Manager, External: Jan-Erik Holmberg
Start Year: 2008
Finish Year: 2008

Project proposal regarding incorporation of organisational factors in PSA.

Work phases:
- A literature study on methods proposed for incorporation of organisational factors in PSA.
- Inventory of PSA with respect to consideration of organisational factors (what is accounted explicitly/implicitly, what is missing).
- Selection of a few cases (organisational factor/work moment/type of human interaction/initiating event/safety function/defence-in-depth barrier) for which an approach for analysis and modelling of organisational factors will be developed and tested.
- Method development and test for selected cases. This phase can include collection of data in order to enable quantification of organisational factors. Qualitative approaches for incorporating organizational factors will also be discussed and tried out.
- Preparation of a technical report.
- Workshop for presentation of results. The topic is included in the framework plan for SAFIR-2010 . Project proposal has connections to the SKI-project on risk-informed assessment of defence-in-depth levels.
Project group: Kent Bladh (VPC), Jan Nirmark (VPC), Jan-Erik Holmberg (VTT), Ilkka Männistö (VTT), Ulf Kahlbom (Risk Pilot).

Projects:  Incorporation of Organisational Factors in PSA

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