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Information about Activities in BWR Club

Project Manager, NPSAG: Anders Karlsson
Start Year: 2002
This project originally covered activities in BWR OG European PSA. It had a PSA group which acted as a sub-committee to the corresponding group in the USA. The group was quite active and has held seminars and published reports on the handling of ATWS, HRA and CCF. An HRA seminar was held in Forsmark, Sweden in December 2004 and a state-of-the-art report was initiated. A CCF seminar was held in April 2005 in Leibstadt, Switzerland, and was followed-up with a second meeting in the autumn. This resulted in a first draft of a state-of-the-art report on CCF modelling in PSAs for the various BWRs covered. Considerable differences were identified. For ATWS, there were plans to prepare a compilation of methods used for ATWS modelling.
BWR OG European PSA is now replaced by the PSA section of the BWR Club

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