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Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company (SKB)

SKB, Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company, is tasked with managing Swedish nuclear and radioactive waste in a safe way. The site for the Spent Fuel Repository was selected in 2009 and in 2011 the applications to build the repository in Forsmark were submitted. 
Nuclear power companies in Sweden jointly established the Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company (SKB) in the 1970s. SKB’s assignment is to manage and dispose of all radioactive waste from the Swedish nuclear power plants in such a way as to secure maximum safety for human beings and the environment. The assignment is so extensive that we see it as one of Sweden’s biggest environmental-protection projects.
Clab (interim storage)
Clab is own and run bye SKB and is the central interim storage facility for spent nuclear fuel from all the Swedish reactors. Clab is located in proximity to Oskarshamn nuclear power plants.
Clink (encapsulation plant)
Before the spent nuclear fuel is transported to the Spent Fuel Repository at Forsmark for final disposal it will be encapsulated in copper and nodular cast iron. This is planned to take place in an encapsulation plant to be built next to the interim storage facility at Oskarshamn.
The Spent Fuel Repository
The planned Spent Fuel Repository will be located close to the Forsmark nuclear power plant. At a depth of 500 metres in rock that is 1.9 billion years old it is intended to deposit approximately 12,000 tonnes of spent nuclear fuel in a final repository.

SKB hopes to be able to start work on the construction in the early 2020s and reckons that the Spent Fuel Repository can then be ready to start operations about ten years later.


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