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APSA - Ageing PSA

Project Manager, NPSAG: Göran Hultqvist
Project Manager, External: Per Hellström
Start Year: 2005
Finish Year: 2006
APSA is a joint European project on ageing PSA initiated in 2004/2005 and co-ordinated by JRC Petten. The project aims at discussing methods and analysis approaches for correctly modelling ageing in PSA:s. There is at present no NPSAG participation in the project, but it has been followed by RELCON AB, who also presented a contribution (titled "Ageing PSA - from a PSA Tool Point of View") at the 2-day project workshop in Paris in October 2005. A project prosal to NKS (Nordic nuclear safety co-operation) and NPSAG for future participation in the APSA network is currently being evaluated.

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