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Workshop on Handling of Seismic Events in Swedish PSAs

Project Manager, NPSAG: Stefan Eriksson
Project Manager, External: Ola Bäckström, Tim Courtney
Start Year: 2013
Finish Year: 2013

Seismic seminar organised by the NPSAG held at Arlanda Airport, Stockholm, Sweden on March 13-14, 2013.

Project Reports

   NPSAG Seminar on Seismic Risk Analysis »
   Author: Ola Bäckström, Tim Courtney

Related Documents

   2 - Seismic Seminar Introduction »
   Author: Ola Bäckström, Tim Courtney

   1 - Seismic Seminar participants »

   A - NPSAG Introduction »
   Author: Göran Hultqvist

   B - Seismic Margin Assessment and Seismic PSA »
   Author: M. K. Ravindra

   C - Earthquakes and Seismic Hazard in Sweden »
   Author: Björn Lund, Roland Roberts, Reynir Bödvarsson

   D - Site-Specific Seismic Hazard Assessment for Nuclear Facilities in Low Seismicity Regions »
   Author: Willy Aspinall

   E - History of Development of Seismic PSA »
   Author: M. K. Ravindra

   F - Theory of Seismic Fragility Development for Structures and Equipment »
   Author: M.K. Ravindra

   G - Use of Experience Data in Seismic Qualification »
   Author: Sam Swan

   I - Future Developments in Seismic Fragility »
   Author: Tim Courtney, Woody Epstein, Sam Swan

   H - Example Fragility Curves Development in the US »
   Author: M. K. Ravindra

   J - How Fortum has Developed the Seismic PSA »
   Author: Pentti Varpasuo

   K - Development of Seismic PSA at Leibstadt NPP »
   Author: Olivier Nusbaumer

   L - Seismic PSA Modelling »
   Author: Saikumar B. V., Devi Kompella

   M - Seismic PRA for OL1_OL2 Units »
   Author: Jari Pesonen

   N - The Regulatory Role of Seismic PSA in Finland »
   Author: Jorma Sandberg, Pekka Välikangas, Janne Laitonen

   O - Panel Session Introduction »
   Author: M. K. Ravindra

Projects:  Workshop on Handling of Seismic Events in Swedish PSAs

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