NPSAG's Autumn activities

 In late September the Nordic PSA Group hosted a PSA seminar at Fortum in Espoo, Finland. The seminar included presentations and discussion on a variety of PSA related topics, such as HRA, Fire PSA, extreme weather etc.  

In connection to the seminar the Nordic PSA Group held its 48th regular meeting. The next regular meeting is scheduled for January 2017. Each year NPSAG start up new research projects. The group perform the initiation, evaluation and start-up through NPSAG's project process, see figure below. The process consists of three milestones, which take place at the group's three regular meetings in January, June and October. The structure of the process has its base in the member organizations' R&D budget processes.


If you have any questions concerning the NPSAG's activities or seminars, please feel free to contact the NPSAG secretary Agnes Maripuu (e-mail.