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The Nordic PSA Group NPSAG is a common forum for discussion of issues related to probabilistic safety assessment (PSA) of nuclear power plants, with focus on research and development needs.

The group follows and discusses current issues related to PSA nationally and internationally, as well as PSA activities at the participating utilities. The group initiates and co-ordinates research and development activities and discusses how new knowledge shall be used.

Over the years, international contacts have increased, especially with partners in Europe (initiated by BWROG and EU-research contacts). This is in line with the group’s aim to create a common and lasting basis for the performance of PSA and for risk informed applications of PSA in Europe.

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Nordic PSA Groups Project Proposal Process

Nordic PSA Groups Project Proposal Process

Each year NPSAG start up new research projects. The group preform the initiation, evaluation and start-up through NPSAG’s project process, see figure below. The process consists of three milestones, which take place at the group’s three regular meetings in January, June and October. The structure of the process has its’ base in the member organizations’ R&D budget processes.

The full process is expected to take a year from project proposal to project start up.

New projects

On the annual January meeting, the group discuss possible new project proposals. It is possible for a consultancy firm or other institutions to present project proposals, ideas or areas of interest to the NPSAG. This should be done through discussion with an NSPAG member some time before the January meeting. On the January meeting, decisions are taken on with which project proposals the group will to proceed with. The NPSAG also decide if further development of the project proposals, ideas or areas of interest are needed, if an open inquiry will be send out to possible project executers or if the inquiry will go to some specific project executer. Please note that this may occur even though a specific consultancy firm or other institution initiated the idea.

On the June meeting, decisions are taken on which projects will start the following year and which consultancy firms or other institutions will perform the projects. The decisions are based on a more detailed project proposals (tenders), which in turn has its’ basis on decisions from the January meeting. If needed the responsible NPSAG member will then contact the consultancy firm or institution for a more detailed project discussion. If this is not needed a final decision can be taken to start the project the following year.

On the October meeting decisions are taken on those project where update of project proposals (tenders) were identified on the June meeting, follow-up action. In addition, new project proposals, ideas or areas of interest are discussed.



NPSAG Newsletter/Annual Report February 2015