Welcome to the Nordic PSA Group


The Nordic PSA Group (NPSAG) is a common forum for discussion of issues related to probabilistic safety assessment (PSA) of nuclear power plants, with focus on research and development needs.

The group follows and discusses current issues related to PSA nationally and internationally, as well as PSA activities at the participating utilities. The group initiates and co-ordinates research and development activities and discusses how new knowledge shall be used.

Over the years, international contacts have increased, especially with partners in Europe (initiated by BWROG and EU-research contacts). This is in line with the group’s aim to create a common and lasting basis for the performance of PSA and for risk informed applications of PSA in Europe.

Latest News
Autumn Seminar and NPSAG Meeting #51
An Autumn Seminar was held on October 3rd at Vattenfall's office in Gothenburg. The participants where invited to listen to presentations about ongoing work. On October 4th, the Nordic PSA Group held its 50th regular meeting. During the meeting, the members discussed project proposals, status of ongoing research project and potential focus areas for the upcoming year. For questions or more information about NPSAG, please, do not hesitate to contact our secretary Christine: npsagsecretary@afconsult.com.
NPSAG Newsletter/Annual Report February 2015